About Us

AFICO is a leading, privately owned general investment company headquartered in Baghdad the capital city of the Iraq.
The activities of the group have covered various areas and over the years, the strategy has steadily grown towards forming the organization that AFICO is today.
Always driven to partake in the phenomenal economic growth of the IRAQ, AFICO has operated across multiple sectors such as food, beverage, construction, transportation, sponge industrial and trading.
Today our strategy revolves around the mobilization and dedication of our established capabilities to deliver on large scale projects. We have successfully expanded into new sectors and building on this track record, we continue to seek out new opportunities for growth.
At AFICO, we strategically work on local businesses and expansion opportunities where we can further utilize the unique abilities that we have developed.
AFICO continues to pursue two distinct activities of investment namely.
Each subsidiary in our group of companies is a leader in its own field of specialization. Together, we provide a complete range of professional services that often exceed the demands and challenges of the most intricate projects.