Chairman's Message

It is with great pride we look back at AFICO’s numerous successes and achievements over the few years of its life. Ever since our humble beginnings as a local firm, AFICO has worked hard to build the company into a truly national corporation, becoming one of the leading investment firm in the middle east.
The strategy has steadily grown towards forming the organization that AFICO is today.
Over the past years, AFICO’s enduring and pivotal role in the national economy proved its reliability in ensuring a sustainable industrial output. Furthermore, its ability to sustainably deliver exceptional and outstanding positive results, on both operational and financial levels, ensures that it will continue its successful plans of development and local and international presence expansion.
The mutual partnerships we have built with our customers across Iraq and their trust in our capabilities, high quality products and working teams, has greatly contributed to the realization and fulfillment of our vision.
Our responsibility toward our communities and employees as well as to our partners is considered one of our top priorities. We consider ourselves a good corporate citizen, actively engaged in enhancing the life of our community, and we have made this one of AFICO’s core values.


Founder & Chairman